Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My Hair Product Obsession

KMS California holds several lines of styling products that work very well. My favorite? The KMS Califonia HairStay Sculpting Lotion!

Fellow students and friends have called my hair beautiful and wondered about my secret. It's not a big secret; in fact, most of the population probably use this method. My only "difference" is the product I use to protect my hair from heat, such as the hairdryer, flattener, and the natural sun, is this sculpting lotion.

It doesn't provide too much hold but enough to satisfy me, so my hair is free to do its thing without being all over the place like it used to be due to stubborn school bus windows. That way, my hair isn't damaged (that is why a lot of people are dependant on CFC-inducing crap). It's a very soft hold and sculpted style!

What it does have is amazing shine! My hair remains pretty throughout the whole day and I love it! It also gives hair a soft look of volume when you dry your hair and it will remain that way the majority of the day (unless it's reeeeaallly stressful)

Another upside? It smells amazing like cranberry and peppermint!

The only downside- it is the most messy product ever! It isnt a lotion at all, in fact, it feels like a very light oil (but it does not cause oily hair) so you have to be very careful when you use it. Everyone knows what happens when you put too much product on one spot and this product is very good at that. Luckily, I have been perfecting my use of it so it doesnt end up on my floor!

******UPDATE I forgot the price! Well it varies by salon but I see that the average is $10-11 (USD). I bet you can find it cheaper you savvy savers you. <.<

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