Monday, May 24, 2010

Barnes and Noble and a stupid dress

So i turned 18 yesterday (yee) and I received a laptop for my schooling purposes. As of now, I do not have internets at my home, so i am taking advantage of Barnes & Noble Wifi. I promised myself I would post more often (I did promise right?) but I failed to complete such mission! My mom started her school and completely took over the computer (maybe that's why I have a laptop so early...) so all I'm stuck with is the Sims 3!

Maybe (offer suggestions you beautiful readers, you) I should prewrite my blogs and transfer files via flash drive, add pictures, and post! You know what? I'm a genius! I will do that.

I am almost done with school! I hear a lot of schools are over already and I am totally jealous (stupid Florida public school system). Next Wednesday is the day of fake tears (I didn't get attached too much- I'll see all the people I like over the summer anyhow)...because that's the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL (Tiny Tim's "Living in the Sunlight" is playing in head ^0^).

As far as anything that pertains to my theme of my blog (unsure of that actual)...i have nothing except that I'm currently looking for a casual dress that can fit me.

Summers are freakishly hot and humid in Florida and I would rather wear a dress than shorts (one of those rare girl moments) but I have a weird body shape. I'm petite with rather large hips (someone actually thought I was Brazilian) but flat (well not really- like a B?)-chested, broad shoulders, and a big head (no comment!)

Another negative, after my 18th birthday, I have no physical money (a bunch of gift cards...blah). So all I can do is look but no touchy >.>.

Here's where my grubby hands have not been...
Available @ Forever 21

The stripes always you to express more of an hour glass figure that I lack to be proportionate. And for $19.80? Not bad. I want!

Any suggestions?

Boring post is boring. =/