Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Moments!

I made this for happy moments! Go to their blog starting May 1st and vote!

Also: feel free to follow them! It definitely gives you some LOL in your life!

Want to enter? Here's some info from their site for the inner graphic designer in you...
Happy Moments Contest!

That's right. It's Happy Moments' first contest.
This is for all you web designers/graphic artists out there!

Your challenge:
Create a banner & a site layout (or just one of those) for Happy Moments!

Your prize:
Sadly, there is no material prize, BUT, of course, your layout/banner will be showcased here on Happy Moments, with your own widget stating your name, blog/site, etc. It'll pretty much be a "featured person" type of thing...BUT you will continue to be the "featured person" as long as we use your layout/banner.
If TWO people are selected (one for layout and one for banner), you BOTH will be "featured".

Can you enter?
YES! Everyone, contributor or reader, can enter!

The layout & banner has to fit in with the purpose of Happy Moments--"to help share laughter and joy to anyone wanting to put smiles on others' faces."
Be creative~! And use your resources ;)

When the entry deadline has passed, a new Happy Moments posting will go up with all the entries. Everyone will be given the chance to vote once! You can even vote for your own entry! BUT anonymous votes will NOT be counted. You have to be signed in when you vote.

How to enter:
Subscribe to Happy Moments.
Spread the word, via your blog.
Email: with:
your name
your email address
URL of your blog posting
URL of your entry layout blog/image.
Simple right? ;P

Deadline extended to: May 1st, 2010
(The deadline's been extended because I just realized that I'll be pretty busy around April 1st)
Let's see some creativity, people! :D

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