Friday, June 25, 2010

Samuel L Jackson Scale of Black Emotion

This is too true.

Political note: I agree. Can everybody just leave Obama alone? (I request no negative political related comments, please)

Samuel L. Jackson Scale of Black Emotion
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Saturday, June 05, 2010

A piece of me: June 2010

Isn't it cute?! I can't take a picture with it right now because god knows where my camera is; but in the meantime I will play that "piece of me" game that I must post every month. Hopefully that will inspire me to post more often and express my so-called individuality!

This is a game from Notes From the Toothfairy and the goal is to fill the following info out every first weekend of the month. I see it as a fun way to laugh at myself every month and remember how stupid I was (I'm 18, it seems like I'm progressively maturing every day). Even chit-chat, let's begin!

This month....
I like: The Sims 3 as of now. It's the only game I can play on my laptop because of the lack of internet. I also like that the new Nancy Drew game is coming out this month!

I don't like: My cold is keeping me away from starting my workout plan. I really cannot breathe!

I want you to know: That I lost a friend for a stupid reason. It just kind of....died. She isn't my type anymore and yesterday considering she called me a stupid ass (weird insult by the way) and was embarrassed with the whole situation rather than helping. I'll explain (maybe) in another post if anyone cares. Personally, I do not.

I've planned: Graduation. Orientation. Something-ation. I'm chill this month!

I want to say to someone special: Happy 44th month anniversary to my Daniel (June 4th)! Awwww! I only write that because it makes no sense. Lol.