Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Pi-e Day everybody!

I'm celebrating today with crepes- which is a circle. Thanks to pi, we now can find the dimensions of a circle, make sine and cosine graphs, spheres, etc.

My only question is: Why does it have to be so long?!

How will you celebrate your day of 3.14159265 (I did that from memory- no joke- I'm a nerd lol)

More like...
3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510...etc etc etc



Who can go wrong with a cheesy, hamburger bacon turtle????

I didn't make it, it looks gross but I bet it tastes like heaven to that salmonella-y patron.

It looks funny but cute at the same time. lol =p

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Moments!

I made this for happy moments! Go to their blog starting May 1st and vote!

Also: feel free to follow them! It definitely gives you some LOL in your life!

Want to enter? Here's some info from their site for the inner graphic designer in you...
Happy Moments Contest!

That's right. It's Happy Moments' first contest.
This is for all you web designers/graphic artists out there!

Your challenge:
Create a banner & a site layout (or just one of those) for Happy Moments!

Your prize:
Sadly, there is no material prize, BUT, of course, your layout/banner will be showcased here on Happy Moments, with your own widget stating your name, blog/site, etc. It'll pretty much be a "featured person" type of thing...BUT you will continue to be the "featured person" as long as we use your layout/banner.
If TWO people are selected (one for layout and one for banner), you BOTH will be "featured".

Can you enter?
YES! Everyone, contributor or reader, can enter!

The layout & banner has to fit in with the purpose of Happy Moments--"to help share laughter and joy to anyone wanting to put smiles on others' faces."
Be creative~! And use your resources ;)

When the entry deadline has passed, a new Happy Moments posting will go up with all the entries. Everyone will be given the chance to vote once! You can even vote for your own entry! BUT anonymous votes will NOT be counted. You have to be signed in when you vote.

How to enter:
Subscribe to Happy Moments.
Spread the word, via your blog.
Email: with:
your name
your email address
URL of your blog posting
URL of your entry layout blog/image.
Simple right? ;P

Deadline extended to: May 1st, 2010
(The deadline's been extended because I just realized that I'll be pretty busy around April 1st)
Let's see some creativity, people! :D

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My Hair Product Obsession

KMS California holds several lines of styling products that work very well. My favorite? The KMS Califonia HairStay Sculpting Lotion!

Fellow students and friends have called my hair beautiful and wondered about my secret. It's not a big secret; in fact, most of the population probably use this method. My only "difference" is the product I use to protect my hair from heat, such as the hairdryer, flattener, and the natural sun, is this sculpting lotion.

It doesn't provide too much hold but enough to satisfy me, so my hair is free to do its thing without being all over the place like it used to be due to stubborn school bus windows. That way, my hair isn't damaged (that is why a lot of people are dependant on CFC-inducing crap). It's a very soft hold and sculpted style!

What it does have is amazing shine! My hair remains pretty throughout the whole day and I love it! It also gives hair a soft look of volume when you dry your hair and it will remain that way the majority of the day (unless it's reeeeaallly stressful)

Another upside? It smells amazing like cranberry and peppermint!

The only downside- it is the most messy product ever! It isnt a lotion at all, in fact, it feels like a very light oil (but it does not cause oily hair) so you have to be very careful when you use it. Everyone knows what happens when you put too much product on one spot and this product is very good at that. Luckily, I have been perfecting my use of it so it doesnt end up on my floor!

******UPDATE I forgot the price! Well it varies by salon but I see that the average is $10-11 (USD). I bet you can find it cheaper you savvy savers you. <.<

Kamyara Kay's Giveaway

One of my favorite blogs is hosting a second giveaway!

Her name is Kamyara Kay and if you follow her blog and leave a comment about your favorite beauty product and why, you will automatically be entered into the giveaway!

You will have until April 20th at 8 p.m. German Time to enter!
So why not give it a try? You might win something special!

By the way, feel free to check it out, there are some crazy make-up ideas that I would love to try one day!

Monday, March 08, 2010

*Le Sigh*

My face after finding out that Inglorious Basterds did not win the Oscar for Best Picture.
As I was watching the Oscars last night (the first I have ever sat there and watched an award show), I noticed that there was an incredible line of clothing that has earned my appraisal. Not that it needs it, but it sure is nice to say that.


Three words: Dana Karan, Simple, and Burgundy.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

And to think Fiji Water was enough

No, apparently we have to make water even more expensive.

Thank you Bling H20 of making me realize that you can market just about anything- including a $40 bottle of water.

What's their story? Apparently Mr. Kevin G. Boyd, a writer-producer, saw that in Hollywood, where image is of utmost importance, you could tell a lot about a person by the bottle of water they carried.

Long story short, their mission is to offer "an exquiste face to match our exquiste taste". The brand features frosted bottles decorated with Swarovski crystals.The water contained in the bottle comes from a Tennessee spring and is purified in a nine-step process that includes ozone, ultraviolet treatment and micro-filtration.

Bling H2O was initially introduced to hand-selected athletes and actors. The bottled water is now available to the public. Bling H2O has been featured at the MTV Video Music Awards and The Emmys.

*gently place palm into face"

Some quick observations:
1. Why would I be carrying a glass bottle around with me? I know that celebrities have hectic lives as well, and there will be dropping- and you cannot just carry it around on set or something.
2. It's made in Tennessee. You pay for Fiji water because it was bottled in Fiji and it's awesome. Even (don't quote me) some of the $5 hotel water is from exotic locations. I admire Tennessee and its beauty- but why can I not pay for paradise water?
3. It's a nine step purification. I did my research and found that Aquafina is a seven step procress- and included processes like ultraviolet, reverse osmosis, and is constantly purified and filtered until there is nothing but good h20. So what's the difference? 2 extra steps.
4. I have to give a tip of the hat to the fact that it's glass which is more recyclable than plastic.
5. They have a "breast cancer" themed bottle. There is nothing interesting about it except that it has a pink ribbon necklace. At least tell me it's going to a good cause. Of course not.
6. They however have plastic bottles for Haiti, that if you buy they would send your case with two other cases to give to the relief efforts. Bravo, but no one can really tell the difference. Plus, how much of the profits are you keeping?

This product is the devil to me right now. I have a bare minimum amount of savings right now- and to know that people are wasting money on fancy water makes me a very sad panda.

The worst part- the main page has a celulitte-free model with a crystal thong. Oh lawd.

It is at this time that we commerate this moment by thinking of the song "Rich and Famous" by Good Charlotte. I think we should save them.