Saturday, January 23, 2010


I love leggings. Unfortunately, I don't have too many because it would be pointless because my school doesn't allow them (Gayyyyyy).

Black Milk Clothing is a store dedicated to leggings and bodysuits. Some of them are hot and some of them are meant to turn heads (like that "Wat??" face)

Anyway, I love this site that is full of leggings. Awesome and hot leggings. I wouldn't mind owning a pair ^_^.

The Con: It would be a week's worth of pay if you had a minimum wage job. I don't have a job- so I wont see these bad boys for a long while.

I have to say my favorites are:

You can wear them with a long shirt or a mini skirt or just like regular pants. Awesome party pants am I right? XD

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