Monday, February 01, 2010

What's for breakfast?

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This is a blunt way of putting this but, have you ever wondered why you fail at diets? Everyone struggles with weight loss, but no one understands why it keeps coming back.

I may loose some followers, or help, but I always wanted to say something about this. Okay...

The same people who struggle with weightloss is the same people who refuse to eat breakfast. Is there a connection?

Why yes, yes there is.

In fact, studies are constantly showing how eating a very good (and healthy) breakfast in the morning decreases your chances of eating more throughout the day. I keep saying this to the fatties who go, "I can't eat in the morning, its too early."

You know what always happen? You eat more later because suddenly your stomach is like exploding with anger saying, "FEED ME!!"

Unfortunately, my mom asked, "How do you explain me then?" It's because you are doing it wrong. Do not coat your oatmeal with globs of maple syrup, or sugar filled cereals. I have a point. Trust me.

Here is another study I found: Drink Skim Milk. According to the fabulous Dr. Oz (don't quote me on the source- I get his newsletters), It contains 8 grams of protein (as opposed to 1 in fruit juice) that fill your stomach and make you eat less. In a study they conducted, groups ate toast in the morning, one with juice and one with milk. The groups who drank milk ate less throughout the day. I assume a connection may be possible.

So start your day right and you will feel much better throughout the day. It may help you create better lifestyle choices in the future. Please be smart and eat your Cheerios!

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  1. a good and rich breakfast is soooo important!!